Infolio Review: The all-star sales presentation app

Infolio Review: The all-star sales presentation app

Make dynamic, informative project spaces with this top sales tool for iPad

Infolio bills itself as an intelligent information workspace. It is primarily aimed at sales professionals, offering a new way to bring everything needed for a single project or client into one place. It lets users create large and specific project screens on to which all manner of notes, task lists, contacts, emails, photos and editable documents can be thrown. Most importantly, these can be drawn from existing accounts with other services.

The app lets you add document services such as Dropbox, OneDrive and Google Drive, and email providers from Yahoo to Outlook to Gmail. You can pool people info from your iPad, Facebook and Google Contacts and you can draw upon Evernote and your tablet’s Reminders. Images can be pulled in from Photos or Instagram (although sadly not Flickr). Videos can be inserted too.

By dragging such info to the main screen, you get a good, overall visual feel for a project. Emails about a project can be placed alongside important LinkedIn contacts and these can sit with related articles discovered on the web via the app’s built-in web browser. Newly created notes, tasks, labels and images can then be inserted and each box can be moved to enable better organisation. If you create more than one Space, you can link any that are related. You can also draw directly to the screen, producing annotations and the like.

It is all quite ingenious and we had no problems understanding how it worked. We could quickly see the potential for its target audience of sales professionals who need speedy access to emails and contacts but it is also useful for anyone involved in research from students to journalists, especially given its collaboration and share tools. More than anything, Infolio eliminates the need to jump from one app to another in order to make sense of multiple data streams while providing manual manipulation.

Rated 5 out of 5

Comprehensive and slick, Infolio is a beautiful way to combine all kinds of digital content in one place.