Infinity Blade

Infinity Blade

So much more than just a pretty face

As the iPhone and iPad increases in popularity, more and more big name developers are starting to take notice, eager to earn a slice of the profitable Apple pie.

Infinity Blade by Chair Entertainment – under the watchful eye of parent company Epic Games – is the latest developer to jump onboard, and the end result is arguably one of the best looking iPad games of 2010.

Utilising the Unreal Engine and based on the Epic Citadel that had been released a few months previously, Infinity Blade is quite simply astonishing to look at.

The sensational looking visuals are steeped in staggering detail, while the animation of the main protagonist and the many Titans he has to defeat is so luscious you’d think you were playing the equivalent of a PS3 or 360 title, so astounding is its look.

Visuals are only half the story however, as Chair as created a title which is just perfect for playing on the go.

Taking control of a Knight, your goal is to defeat the God King, an impossible task that will see you instantly die on your first attempt, only to take on the role of your child, eager to avenge the family bloodline.

Infinity Blade is all about repetition. You face the same enemy, walk through the same parts of the castle and will eventually die by the God King’s hand until you finally develop the skills to defeat him. And yet for all is repetition and grinding gameplay – swords, armour, shields, helmets and magical rings are constantly levelled up – it’s never boring to play.

This in part is due to the magnificent control system that has you parrying sword swipes and dodging and blocking blows with simple swipes and taps of your finger.

It’s a delightfully elegant control system that still requires a large amount of skill due to the different style enemies that you face. While the adventure is on rails, you can scan the area at the beginning of each battle for hidden items, and it’s also possible to choose limited multiple routes.

Its linearity will might prove off-putting to some, but this remains a magnificent example of what the iPhone is capable of. Truly stunning stuff.

Rated 5 out of 5

Simply revel in the finely-honed gameplay and clever levelling up system.