Infinity Blade III

Infinity Blade III

The mobile hack-and-slash heavyweight concludes its trilogy

It’s taken some time to surface, including a false start, but the third instalment of the Infinity Blade series has finally arrived on iPhone and iPad to coincide with the launch of iOS 7.

Much like the previous titles, this game sticks to what it knows best in terms of the gameplay, with the repetitive slash-heavy battles still very much the centrepiece. What you will notice is how much bigger this game is, and how much better it looks. Things are much more polished this time around, and considering Infinity Blade has never been a bad-looking game it means things really do look gorgeous this time around. The world you play in is also on a much bigger scale, and though there is less of the path choice and exploration that we found in Infinity Blade II, there is a suitable impression of size and general epicness that ChAIR are obviously keen to get across.

The same gesture-laden combat is the focal point of your gaming but a few layers have been added to and around this. First, users can now add a finishing move to their combos thanks to an on-screen swipe prompt. It’s a great way to do some extra damage at the end of a flurry. The new achievement system also rewards players for varying up how they fight, with valuable chips on offer hitting certain numbers of parries, dodges and blocks, so it pays to mix things up a bit. Isa is a playable character for the first time too, and you can level her up independently to Siris. There’s also a blacksmith and potions master to work with in this game – some of their processes can take a fair chunk of time, but there are rewards to be found from getting the hang of using them.

Rather than a massive overhaul, this is very much a polished continuation of what has served this series well so far. Some of the story will be lost on you if you haven’t played previous games in the series, or even encountered the spin-off books. However, don’t let that stop you from playing what remains a benchmark in iOS gaming because of its looks and how it plays, with Infinity Blade III bringing the trilogy to an impressive close.

Rated 4 out of 5

Sticks to a familiar format, adding some layers to the gameplay which fans of the previous titles will definitely appreciate.