Indiana Stone Review

Indiana Stone Review

Indiana Stone Review

Play as a vengeful boulder to rescue the stolen idol in this original twist on the Temple Run-style endless runner.

Steven Spielberg may have something to say about the homage to Indiana Jones in this retro-styled infinite-running game that obviously draws influence from the star of the hit movies – but that doesn’t make it any less fun. In this game, instead of being the hero running away from the nasties, you are the nasty.

It is your job to steer a boulder through various settings in order to crush poor old Indiana Jones – sorry, Indiana Stone – who is darting away in front of you, looking over his shoulder and shedding beads of sweat in terrified anticipation.

The main controls involve tilting – but there are also saws, spikes and walls to contend with. You need to avoid obstacles to catch up with the surprisingly fast Indiana, but when you gain ground you feel satisfaction with anxiety building as you know you are close to your running prey.

The art style is referred to as 9-bit, which is essentially 8-bit with a 3D twist. There is a charm to such art but, it has to be said, it cannot mask what is repetitive gameplay. Still, the humour and the pacing holds your attention for a long while and so doesn’t become a mere curiosity.

Rated 5 out of 5

A great role reversal that has a good story mode, fun animation and a lovely little soundtrack.