In Fear I Trust Review

In Fear I Trust Review

In Fear I Trust is a terrifying first-person puzzler for iPhone and iPad

Creating a truly immersive and encompassing gaming experience on the iPad is actually quite a tricky thing to do. The trick in recent years, in games such as Year Walk and Papa Sangre II, has been to plug in your headphones, shut out the outside world and focus on the game. Having adopted this set up, In Fear I Trust will scare the life out of you; not with slasher-movie-style jumps, but through tension-building anxiety that creeps up on you and just won’t let go.

It’s a wonderfully mysterious game for starters – the opening scene consists of a first-person view of you signing up for some kind of project, that’s it. The next thing, you come to in a prison cell and begin to be haunted and guided by memories and echoes of things that have happened in the places around you.

All the while, the soundtrack is teasing you with false suspense crescendos where you brace yourself for a startle only for nothing to happen – not yet anyway. It’s horrible in the best way, and is a testament to developer, Chillingo, who has done a stunning job of creating such an atmosphere around a game you could be playing on a packed train.

In terms of the actual gameplay mechanics, In Fear I Trust requires you to shake off that shiver the soundtrack gives you and work your way out of the asylum you find yourself in. This involves a constant stream of puzzle-solving in order to open doors and unravel the secrets of the experiment you were a part of. There are on-screen joysticks for movement, though these can be slightly cumbersome at times. There’s a type of hint mode called Retrospective Vision that draws you towards the key areas of every room that can be activated by pinching the screen.

These are much needed as the puzzles are tough – and so is this game on your nerves. In Fear I Trust also looks great thanks to the Unreal Engine it uses – there are so many things to enjoy, mainly the thrill-seeking terror rush this game is able to give you.

Rated 5 out of 5

Dark, menacing and mysterious – not many titles can match the atmosphere this game creates.