IFTTT Review

IFTTT Review

IFTTT Review

Combine apps to save time and add new features to your iPhone

Short for ‘If This, Then That’ and pronounced as though it rhymes with ‘gift’, IFTTT connects two apps or services in non-traditional ways to form helpful ‘recipes’. For example, add your Contacts app with Google Drive to automatically back your address book up to the cloud.

Select from over 50 native apps and online services within this iPhone-only product, then view a drop-down menu of options for each one. For example, for Facebook this includes ‘New status message by you’ and ‘You are tagged in a photo.’ You can then choose a secondary option from the same list of Channels to act as an action, such as ‘Add file from URL’ for Dropbox. These will then combine to send your tagged photos to your Dropbox account. If this still sounds too difficult, you can also use recipes created by other users, either searching for key terms or by seeing what’s trending.

As you can imagine, interconnecting these various apps involves granting IFTTT a lot of access to services. However, recipes can be toggled on and off easily with a slider from the Recipes menu, and all Channels can be deactivated entirely in the Settings. The app’s only real drawback is its social network-like timeline on the main screen, which lists every new Channel added, recipe created and deleted. With time stamps and the option to slide between dates, this is obviously intended to help you track your activity, but it only makes an otherwise clean-looking app look complicated.

Rated 4 out of 5

A clever app with seemingly limitless potential, simple touch controls make it easy to use.