iF Poems

iF Poems

The gateway to a wonderful world of verse

Much like Shakespeare, poetry is one of those mandatory components of school English lessons that can be treated with an unwarranted but longstanding level of dread by classrooms. Perhaps commonly misconceived as dull, poetry – as those of us that have come through English lessons (and were lucky enough to have an enthusiastic teacher) know – is at its best when read out loud. The simple but exceptional iF Poems recognises that idea, not only putting 270 classic poems at the touch of a button, but also including brilliantly animated audio recordings for over 100 of them, courtesy of popular actors like Harry Enfield, Bill Nighy, Helena Bonham Carter and War Horse star Tom Hiddleston.

Along with established poets such as William Blake, Ted Hughes, TS Eliot and the like, the iF Poems app also includes work by better-known literary figures including Mark Twain, Edgar Allan Poe and Emily Brontë – as well as writers from entirely different fields like Tim Burton. While most of the content is suitable for all, the poems can handily be searched by category or age group; there’s truly something for everyone here. You can also read poets’ biographies and record your own readings. There’s not much call to give the likes of Nighy and Bonham Carter a run for their money though, especially when they collaborate for poems such as Lewis Carroll’s Brother And Sister.

Rated 5 out of 5

iF Poems manages to be both educational and compelling.