Hundreds Review

Hundreds Review

One of the more unusual games on iOS, welcome to the world of Hundreds

It seems like a pointless idea. Make the grey circles increase in size by touching them until the cumulative size of the circles is 100. If they overlap while growing in size, the level ends and you have to restart. The first few levels make you wonder how Hundreds will keep your interest, because it’s easy, it’s hollow and it feels a little pointless.

Then the challenge escalates in ways you don’t expect as more and more mechanics drift in to complicate things. Circles start moving around, circles move along dotted lines and need to be knocked off course to have room to grow. Some circles only grow at the same time as others, and bubbles blocking the way need to be popped.

Across its hundred (of course) levels, it’s amazing how Hundreds comes up with new ways to challenge without ever alienating you. It never veers far from the original idea – grow circles until the level is clear – and yet it finds so many ways to riff on that idea, you find yourself grinning at the deviousness of the developers as much as you do your own ability to solve the puzzles created for you.

Perhaps the best thing about Hundreds is how it’s a game that everyone can enjoy, thanks to its clean presentation, simple idea and easy-to-play factor. Although you’re unlikely to revisit it once complete, it becomes a real challenge in its later stages, so finishing Hundreds is a significant achievement in itself. Brilliant fun.

Rated 5 out of 5

An engrossing challenge of both your finger dexterity and grey matter – this is a game that everyone can enjoy.