Hue – Beautiful Weather Review

Hue – Beautiful Weather Review

Hue – Beautiful Weather Review

It may be raining outside but it always looks bright with Hue for Android

The weather is usually a hot topic and most of us don’t like to rely on just looking out of the window. If you want to plan ahead, then Hue is a wonderful app given that it attempts to forecast the weather for more than a week in advance – although sceptics will point to meteorologists who have said that such a thing is near impossible to get 100 per cent correct.

That, however, is beside the point. Hue has a very attractive and clean interface that follows the current trend for flat design. It uses colours to dictate the weather, showing you just how hot or cold it is set to be outside through the use of varying degrees of reds and blues, showing anything from cloud to rain to scorching hot sun. For good measure, a temperature is also given and you can choose between Celsius and Fahrenheit, depending on what your preference is.

The day’s weather is the largest element on the Hue page, showing the weather with a symbol and also giving you the wind speed. By tapping on any of the short forecasts you can break the day down into hours and see how any given 24-hour period might play out. This is particularly useful if, for example, you were planning a barbecue in the evening, as it helps to avoid those unexpected downpours that often result once it is lit.

As well as being able to see the weather right where you are, you can also check other cities around the world. We struggled to find a city that wasn’t in the database, so it is a pretty comprehensive collection.

All of which makes for a rather appealing way to get the latest weather reports. Using the colour schemes works well in giving an at-a-glance guide to the entire week ahead and being able to break down a day into its sub-parts has many uses. The presentation is superb – and that is the killer selling point here. There are many weather apps around and so each one has to stand out in its own way. Hue’s path is to wow with its looks and, thankfully, it doesn’t seem to be all style over substance.

Rated 4 out of 5

A well-presented weather app that uses colours and symbols to give useful at-a-glance guides.