HQ: To Do

HQ: To Do

HQ: To Do

A whole new take on organising your working life

The to-do app market has plenty of occupants, but HQ: To Do tries to be different, pitching itself as the ultimate streamlined, user-friendly app for getting your life in order. It has to be said, the app can back up the talk.

In terms of the interface, HQ is very pleasing to look at. Its colour-coded task lists and bold fonts give the app a solid look, making you feel as if you can really trust it in your daily routine.  Once you start interacting with HQ, you begin to see why it talks such a good game, as you’ll struggle to find another app that makes creating to-do lists and generally organising your daily working life as enjoyable an experience.

The key to the great functionality is how user-centric the app is. You decide on the priority of your projects, as well as the colour-coding system, taking away the dictation element of other organisers that makes you feel constricted when inputting data. Some other apps don’t allow you to edit lists or colour codes, but not here. HQ feels free, but also serious enough to keep you on track. Another key feature is the  inclusion and separation of the projects and lists section. While some organisers only let you create a new task, HQ separates bigger and more  time-consuming projects from your everyday lists like lists or meetings, meaning that you can be working through that big school or office project, before jumping over to your grocery list with one touch.

Using the same tab bar, you can also see which of your projects and tasks you’ve completed, so you can give yourself a pat on the back –  or maybe realise just how lazy you’ve been this week. One of HQ’s best selling points is that it has been designed to be operated with just your thumb, so should your other hand be busy holding your briefcase or schoolbag, you can still be productive.

The best example of this interface in action is the swipe-to-edit function. Simply swipe the project title of your choosing, and you’ll see the three editing options appear – Done, Edit and Delete, which are all pretty self-explanatory, but nonetheless hugely useful for making some quick edits to your organiser between meetings or classes.

Rated 5 out of 5

Not scared to be different, HQ: To Do makes running your life easier.