Hobbit Movies Review

Hobbit Movies Review

A glorious peak behind the curtain of a fantasy movie juggernaut

Over a decade since the release of Peter Jackson’s Fellowship Of The Ring and we’re finally going to get to see The Hobbit brought to the big screen. It may take three movies to tell the story in the end, but you’ll be able to at least track the progress of the first with this new app from Warner Bros.

While much of the material in this app (set photos, character promo shots and behind-the-scenes video blogs) are available on the web, this is the only place where it’s all officially brought together. What’s more, the depth of content already on this app should be enough to satiate the most rabid Hobbiton fanatic.

The video blog footage is of an excellent quality, with regular glimpses of production through the preproduction meetings, cast fittings and more. Even if you’re not immediately interested in the release of this movie, film fans will learn a lot about the process behind the film and how it’s all been brought together.

There are also some more eye-catching features, like the 3D effect Gandalf on the opening page and two panoramic location shots, but really it’s the bare-bones production info and footage that’s exciting.

It’s not entirely clear if it’s going to be added to over the next couple of years as movies two and three are released, but there’s certainly room for extra content to be added as time goes on. It could end up being a great chronicle of this new trilogy of blockbusters.

Rated 5 out of 5

Plenty of content for fans of large, hairy feet and wizards who arrive precisely when they mean to.