Hitman Go Review

Hitman Go Review

Hitman Go offers an intelligent and well-crafted board game twist for the Hitman series on mobile.

If you’re new to the Hitman series, it has been bringing stealth and elegance to the first-person shooter genre for well over a decade on computers and consoles. For this mobile reimagining, its developers have wisely decided to adapt that tried and trusted format, managing to come up with something different but almost as compelling. The slow-burn FPS approach has been replaced by a chess-like board game, where you pilot the an assassin along a series of fixed lines to claim loot, kill targets and exit levels.

Hitman Go is beautifully drawn and designed throughout, with the levels and the enemies varied enough to keep the game interesting — there are static security guards, knife-wielding ninjas and patrolling gunmen to deal with as you plot your way around the boards. One or two of the set pieces are frustratingly difficult, but the majority of the time the learning curve is about right, and it feels like plenty of attention has been given to the mood, music and atmosphere too.

With multiple objectives on each level, Hitman Go has plenty of replay value and even the in-app purchases aren’t too intrusive — they simply allow you to jump zones if you don’t manage to hit enough objectives on the current one. A near-perfect triumph for Square Enix.

Rated 5 out of 5

Style, depth and fantastic audio-visual quality make Hitman GO one of the mobile games of the year.