HighlightCam Social Video Editor

HighlightCam Social Video Editor

HighlightCam Social Video Editor

Produce amazing films using photos and videos on your phone

Editing video on your phone can be a time-consuming and fiddly process, and while it’s undoubtedly creative, you may want to be spending more time out grabbing footage than sitting in a room trying to cut it all together so it makes sense.

That’s where this app comes in. It takes your films and photos, and helps you turn them into movies that stick to a predetermined length set by you, and then scanning your clips and images to detect the best bits. Cleverly, it does this with face, voice and motion detection for excellent results.

There are transitions and title slides, and a mammoth database of free songs that you can use to produce a stunning soundtrack. And if those tunes don’t cut the mustard, you can pick one from your phone’s library. That isn’t the only level of control you have. You can tell the app where its focus should lie, as well as have it centre on voices, action or people, bringing up different results.

As you would expect from any creation tool, the social media aspect is writ large, giving you a chance to port raw or edited footage straight to Twitter, Facebook or YouTube. It has its own network too. You can even import other users’ footage. But despite the brilliant features of the app, you will at times want to make use of your raw footage because processing the videos can take some time.

It’s free to try for ten videos, but then you have to buy credits. These are inexpensive, but if you want to produce a lot, it could add up over time. For some, it’s a small price to pay for an excellent and welcome addition to their home screen that will give you excellent results with a minimum of fuss. Hopefully over time you can expect some changes and improvements through updates, but it’s already an excellent video app that you should definitely check out. Budding directors should be taking note.

Rated 5 out of 5

Easy to use, great editing features, and a thriving social network.