Heroes of Loot review

Heroes of Loot review

Heroes of Loot review

Heroes of Loot is a grinding dungeon crawler for iOS and Android that keeps you on the edge of your seat

Old-school games have a certain charm to them, but they can also be extremely hard. Heroes of Loot harks back to the style of the Eighties with a pixelated set of characters but, thankfully, it places this within a game that has been made less difficult than it could have been. That will be extremely refreshing for all of those who would otherwise have sweated their way through what turns out to a high-action dungeon crawler.

With this game, you can forget in-depth plot lines of the likes of Grand Theft Auto V and instead leave your brain at the door while you choose a character from one of four classes – Elf, Warrior, Wizard or Valkyrie – and get to grips with all of their attributes. At first you may just start tearing around the place, losing lives and wondering just how you’re going to open doors. But soon enough you’ll discover secret rooms by accident and pick up all manner of goodies.

What you need to do here is stick a plaster over your thumb and keep hammering away at that fire button to dispatch the nasties that have come to spoil your day. There is a story, but it matters little, even if the cut-scenes are a welcome relief from the relentless gameplay. The main point is embarking on random quests, finding your way around and trying to remain as unscathed as you could possibly hope to be when a swarm of enemies decides to envelope you en masse.

Everything about the game smacks of retro in the positive sense. You really could be looking at a game that was available on one of the more colourful home computers of the early video-gaming era. There is speed as well as a lot of wit, and you soon learn the various skills of your classes and just how invaluable they are to clean up the mess before you.

You will find this game hard to put down, and yet it is really geared up for short bursts of play. The game is available on both iOS and Android, and it plays equally well on either format.

Rated 5 out of 5

A high-octane game that evokes past memories and is the perfect dungeon crawler.