Hero of Many Review

Hero of Many Review

Beautiful, atmospheric and proof that games can be art

Some games are special – Hero of Many is one of them. You could argue that it is rather pretentious, with the art styling and music lending it a worthy tone. Still, you cannot argue against its atmosphere and innovation. It’s a story that drives the player on in an emotional journey that, at its heart, is so incredibly simple to operate.

You explore four different worlds trying to save your friends as you move a small glowing blob around and try to avoid being attacked and zapped of energy. It is a matter of investigating, discovering the whereabouts of your friends and solving puzzles along the way. Being able to avoid and defeat the enemy is crucial if you are going to meet the end of the 26 levels that are presented before you.

This game looks amazing – the underwater caverns feel ripe for exploration and you can immerse yourself for hours in the music and the visuals. The relaxing nature of it is due to the simplicity of the controls. You can easily sit, move around and feel at peace – although anxiety can creep in from time to time.

Some will feel the gameplay is rather thin and at times it is, since there is not much to it and you don’t need lots of tutorials holding you by the hand – but in this case that’s a good thing. You are caught in a mystery and few will be able to resist seeing it to the very end.

Rated 5 out of 5

If you like to shoot things down and wreak havoc, this isn’t for you. Otherwise, buy it. It’s beautiful.