Haze Review

Haze Review

Haze Review

Can a weather app be art? Our conclusion is clear

It’s easy to be blasé about weather reports. All you need to do is look out of the window. But Haze is a weather app with a difference, delivering a plethora of visual tricks and attempting to inject a bit of fun into weather forecasting. Most weather apps seek to bombard with statistics in a rather dull manner. The sunny nature of Haze takes your location data and instantly tells you the current temperature in a visually appealing manner.

You can then tap two other icons at the bottom of the screen to tell you how much sunlight there is and the chance of rain. Pull down on the screen and you will see different data for the week. It lets you work out how the next few days will progress.

What the makers of Haze have done is think heavily about presentation, giving little flourishes that make the user say ‘wow’. Tap the information circle and drag it out and you see more in-depth information. You can even see the direction of the wind, given it uses the iPhone’s compass.

Then there are the backgrounds. Haze has animated backgrounds which tell you what the weather has in store for the following day. Beautiful and inspiring, it is one of those apps that is not only functional but has enough panache to enable you to show off.

Rated 5 out of 5

The weather is of secondary importance to the sheer wonder of the app’s innovative design.