Hatch Review

Hatch Review

Hatch Review

Hatch for iPhone is a virtual pet for the 21st Century

When it comes to creating an iOS game, particularly one that’s geared mostly towards children, immersive and interactive experiences are king. Impending’s Hatch does this with aplomb. Billed as a virtual pet for your home screen, Hatch sees you adopt an adorable little Fugu and assume responsibility for its love, feeding and attention.

While an app that requires consistent attention might not appeal to the time-poor businessperson or busy parent, it’s easy to see how Hatch is a hit with kids. A gentle push notification or two per day (which thankfully stop if you don’t respond to them) is sent your way, reminding you that your Fugu needs feeding, sleep or just a little love.

On first impression, the notion of Hatch may seem a little intimidating, especially when it requires work from you on a daily basis – but it’s worth it, as the rewards are great. Your Fugu will gift you with presents, Max, your personal assistant within Hatch, will host in-app parties for you and your pet and you’ll be able to use the acorns you save within the game to buy treats and toys for your Fugu.

What makes Hatch brilliant (and where other virtual pet apps fall short) is the way it has been integrated with iOS and your iPhone. The multi-layered background that your Fugu sits in front of moves around as you tilt your device giving it a 3D effect, push notifications feature interesting sound effects and the navigation within your Fugu’s world is equal parts simple and genius.

What’s more, unlike many apps targeted towards children, Hatch shuns the in-app purchase system adopted by so many developers when it comes to buying treats and toys, in favour of an in-game currency that doesn’t cost a penny extra.

Hatch may seem like a bit of slow-burner at first as its basic concepts are introduced, but if the updates posted to Facebook are anything to go by, caring for your Fugu is only set to get more immersive and entertaining.

Rated 5 out of 5

Created with serious love and care, Hatch is a must buy for entertaining the kids.