Handy Photo Review

Handy Photo Review

Handy Photo Review

An image editor with some cool twists, it’s Handy Photo for iOS and Android

This powerful photo-editing suite does much of what so many similar apps do. Indeed, there are so many apps of this type that is becoming difficult to distinguish them. But there is one thing Handy Photo has above all of the others: incredible ease of use. It also has some amazing functions that make your images shine.

When you open the app, you are asked if you wish the view the tutorial or otherwise load up a photo from your Gallery or take one using the camera. Your image will then appear on the screen. A hand in the top-right corner acts as the main menu and by tapping on it, you bring up a range of options. They include crop, tone and colour, retouching, cloning and more. A simple tap of these brings up a secondary menu in most cases and when you select another option – for example, warmth of contrast – you can make the changes simply by moving your finger over the image itself.

There are, however, some special features. Move Me lets you bring aspects of a photo closely together – that is,  you can move two people from opposite sides of a shot and place them next to each other. Magic Crop also extends your image if you want and it brings new depth to the photo. With 36 megapixel support, textures, frames and so much more, you will be astounded at the value.

Rated 4 out of 5

Feature packed and easy-to-use, there are two astounding tools in Move Me an Magic Crop that will come in handy many times over.