Hamilton’s Adventure THD Review

Hamilton’s Adventure THD Review

Hamilton’s Adventure THD Review

Good enough to give anything on iOS a run for it’s money, Hamilton’s Adventure is an Android puzzler powerhouse

Weighing in at just under 800MB, it’s no wonder it takes an age to install. Once you’re up and running though, you’re rewarded with a beautifully-rendered 3D action puzzler that’s one of the more successful desktop-to-mobile conversions. You will need a Tegra 3-powered device to run this game, but rest assured that it takes full advantage of the hardware and offers some lovely animation.

The premise? A retired adventurer tells his granddaughter a tale of traps and treasure, reading from an old journal that you piece together as you progress through the story.  The principle is simple: guide your hardy explorer across each tile-based map – flicking switches to remove obstacles while avoiding the wandering guards – and find the Golden Key that opens the gate to the next level. It sounds simple enough, but quickly become devious.

Unstable tiles will disappear once you have crossed over them once or twice (depending on how sturdy they look), so if you want to grab all the loot along the way then you really need to plan each step carefully, or be left stranded and forced to restart. As the puzzles become more complex, you’ll be glad of your feathered friend.

With a quick tap, you can switch to Sasha, your airborne secondary character, and fly overhead to get a little perspective on the best route forward. Moreover, you can tilt your tablet to control altitude, bringing a freeform element to the game that enables you to take a breather from the platform puzzling and swoop through trails of treasure. This unique complement is not just a bolt-on, either – sometimes you’ll need to quickly switch between your two characters to time switch activations, or use Sasha’s taunts to distract patrols as Hamilton barrels through to the next set of stairs.

Considering the price, it’s a shame the app only contains the first two stages of the full game that can be finished in a couple of hours. That and the occasional loading glitches are all that keep this from the full five stars.

Rated 4 out of 5

An entertaining puzzler that combines a sedate, tile-based platformer with freestyle flight