Relive the glorious era of halftone-style printing

Adding an old-fashioned halftone printing effect to any photos or images you have stored on you iDevice, Halftone delivers a basic editing tool with good functionality.

Coming with 27 paper styles, 24 stamp decals, nine layouts, various fonts and six speech balloon types, the app gives you the ability to dress-up an image in a variety of ways, before you save, print or email it.

After selecting an image to act as your base, you can choose a paper-type effect, such as parchment, envelope or postcard. Next, select a layout, allowing custom placement of caption boxes. Once the template is chosen, speech bubbles can be placed, and text font determined. Finally, the image can be tweaked, allowing variables like ‘dot gain’ and blending options to be adjusted.

Thanks to this process, using Halftone is quick and easy, with the app delivering a genuinely amusing way to spice-up captured photos and images. At £0.69, it provides good value for money too in terms of functionality.

Rated 4 out of 5

A cheap and fun editing tool that enables you to apply a plethora of halftone, comic-book styles to your photos.