Guitar Toolkit

Guitar Toolkit

Guitar Toolkit

Essential kit for any guitarist’s set-up

Guitar Toolkit has been around since the birth of the App Store, and it has been revised and improved many times.

This is no simple six-string guitar sim; as you start up, you must select from six-string, seven-string, 12-string, bass, banjo, madolin or ukulele, so it’s clear that this is a serious app for musicians.

The app is split into five sections, each one easily accessible from tabs along the bottom of the screen. Starting (as all good guitarists should) with the Tuner – this is an incredibly accurate tuning device that uses the iPhone microphone to simply listen to what you are playing and give feedback. Select the Fretboard to strum the strings of your choice, with standard and alternate tunings for each instrument and accurate samples.

There’s a metronome that keeps time, 13 sound e ects and 12 time signatures to choose from, and a database of over 500,000 chords. It will even strum chords so you can hear what they sound like, and you can learn more about chord names. If you have iOS 4, the metronome even continues playing in the background

Rated 5 out of 5

An app that outperforms many professional tuning devices and guitar programs. An essential part of any guitarist’s set-up.