Groovemaker 2 Review

Groovemaker 2 Review

Groovemaker 2 Review

Become an expert DJ in minutes with Groovemaker 2 for iPhone and iPad

You wouldn’t normally think of an iPhone as the best piece of equipment for making music, but with Groovemaker 2 it actually becomes a powerful tool. Within a few seconds of picking up the app we had created a full-on dance loop, and within minutes we felt like professional DJs, switching between tracks, using filters and effects on the beats, and adjusting audio levels.

First and foremost, everything in Groovemaker 2 is enormously fun. You have up to eight tracks, each one with a different selection of dance riffs, beats and melodies. Each track has nine different sounds to choose from, and mixing them is a simple as tapping a square on the main screen.

But there’s so much more to play with. Effects such Filter and Phazer help mix up the looping track, and you can buy more sounds within the app. Everything sounds professional, but it’s really easy to create a unique mix in just a few seconds. There are a huge number of options to play with, and while it could do with a tips page when you first open the app, the learning curve isn’t too steep.

It’s expensive, but for those DJs who want to mix on the move, lovers of dance music, or those just willing to spend a bit to have some fun, Groovemaker 2 is an excellent option.

Rated 5 out of 5

A fun but powerful way of making music that anyone can pick up and enjoy, but pros will also love.