Grid Play Review

Grid Play Review

Grid Play Review

GridPlay is a quick way to create jaw-dropping videos on iPhone

Once in a while a video app comes around that really makes a difference to the way you take photos. Gridplay is that app. Rather than throw a range of focus features your way or give you lots of filters, the app splits the screen into a grid.

This is the clever bit. You can split the screen into two, either horizontally or vertically. But you can also divide the screen into a 2×2, 3×3 or 4×4 grid with each of the squares – four, nine or 16 – initially showing the same image from either the front or back-facing camera.
Gridplay then lets you select and deselect the squares, combining some while leaving others. It produces some fascinating results, giving a movie-like appearance to even the most banal of shoots and it is also lots of fun. Even better, you can work frame-by-frame, add music and then upload your masterpiece to social media.

Of course, an app like this could become very fiddly but here the main options are at the bottom of the screen as a series of sliders. The settings cog lets you select colours and a frame for your video and there are also options to enable the flash and set a timer. Videos can be recorded up to 15 seconds unless you purchase the expander – a money-making option we would much rather have been built in. That aside, Gridplay has us gripped.

Rated 5 out of 5

By inviting experimentation, Gridplay becomes one of the most creative video apps