Great Big War Game

Great Big War Game

Bit presumptuous to call it great. Oh wait, it is pretty great.

It’s the natural way to follow up Great Little War Game: make it Big. Rather than any wholesale changes to the formula that made the first game such good fun, GBWG instead opts to stick with pretty much what came before.

This means turn-based combat. If you aren’t up to speed on your gaming, it’s sort of like chess crossed with rock-paper-scissors (no, really). You take a turn, the enemy takes a turn – whoever completes their set objective first (kill enemy general, destroy base, capture structure etc) wins. Along the way you can build up your army, increase your output through capturing bases and other buildings and generally wreak havoc across dozens of campaign levels and skirmishes. It really is a brilliant game for the handheld systems and, barring some control issues (it can get a bit fiddly), it suits smartdevices perfectly.

But it’s a sequel and a sequel needs a big new thing to make it worth your bucks. GBWG has that big new thing in the shape of asynchronous multiplayer. You can play against people the world over, and you don’t both have to be sat with phone/tablet in hand all the time the game is on. Turn, send, wait for their response, rinse and repeat. And it’s even better than we might have guessed. A truly brilliant game

Rated 5 out of 5

A fantastic turn-based strategy game made even better with anarchic multiplayer.