Gordon Ramsay Cook With Me HD

Gordon Ramsay Cook With Me HD

Get expert cooking guidance, minus the swearing!

Come on you muppet, what are you doing! Sorry, for a minute there we were influenced by Ramsay’s anger.

He may be an angry man, but his app is a real treat for the stomach and features 56 of his creations, with a video tutorial for each.

The recipes can be quite complicated, but Ramsay’s clear explanations will give even the most inexperienced chef a good shot of creating a superb supper.

The recipes are split into six sections: Fast Food, Healthy Appetite, Midweek Meals, Weekend Specials, Take Away and Classics. Although, we feel sections such as Breakfast, Dinner, Desserts and so on would have been more helpful.

The recipes themselves are split up into pages for ingredients, key equipment and video tutorials. Each step has a photo and Gordon even shouts insults at you. The neat Compare feature lets you take a photo of your end result to compare to the picture of Gordon’s. Other useful features include wine suggestions and the ability to add ingredients direct to a shopping list.

More video tutorials like ‘How to chop an onion’ would have been good, however, it’s still an app that is detailed and fun for fans of TV’s most foul-mouthed chef.

Rated 4 out of 5

Ramsay’s app will have you making fancy food with ease, but you may cry at the insults.


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