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Google Maps makes a welcome return to iPhone, and is still the best on Android

Google Maps will be familiar to many iOS users, as the app came pre-installed on devices prior to iOS 6.  Apple now includes its own Maps app on iPhones and iPads, but many have been left disappointed with the replacement (to put it mildly). However, with Google Maps now available on the App Store, those who wish to return to the old app can.

All the familiar features are included, and it has received a slight aesthetic makeover, with the page curl in the bottom-right being replaced and the menus receiving an overhaul. Zooming and panning is as responsive as ever, and typing any location into the search bar will take you to the place you’re looking for. The app is the perfect directional tool, and entering your required destination and a starting location will provide you with turn-by-turn navigation on-screen, as well as listed directions for you to view.

Activating Location Services will allow the app to pinpoint your current location within seconds, and from the menu options you can select to view traffic information, change the map view to Satellite, and access Google Earth. If you’re looking for a more in-depth view, you can zoom in to a location and bring up address information. Dragging up on this screen will access Street View, plus you can find businesses, places nearby to eat, and more, from the main Map screen.

While Google Maps faces competition from Apple’s app and Nokia’s new HERE Maps, for now it’s still the best option.

Rated 5 out of 5

Still the best mapping app available on smartphones and tablets.