Google Keep Review

Google Keep Review

Google Keep Review

Keep notes hand and in the Cloud with Google Keep

Google Keep is the latest service from the search engine giant for Android phones. It lets you jot down thoughts, take photos, dictate notes and have everything to hand.

The clean interface keeps things simple and to the point. Tap the notepad icon and you can start to write notes. Tap the tick and you can produce a list of checkboxes so that lists can be created, which is brilliant if you are reminding yourself of what you need at the shops, for instance.

You can tap the camera icon to take a photo that can then be used as part  of a note and you can also use the microphone option to dictate, with what you say being transcribed and ready for editing if need be. Photos can be edited using the built-in camera features of Android, which allows for cropping, colour balancing, borders and photo filtering and images can be shared too via a number of means.

When you do any of these, a reminder appears on the main screen. To ensure you can easily spot items, you are able to colour code them and there is also a solid search engine. You have flexibility with the notes as well. If you want to change a note into a checklist; for instance, you can do it with the tap of a button. They can then be archived when finished with.

All of this is good but what makes it great is the ability for these notes to be used from any computer or device connected to the internet. Notes are saved to the cloud and they are synced with your Google account so you only need to go to com/keep and ensure you are logged in to be able to access them.

It is this Google syncing that many will like but it is perhaps the only major reason to choose Keep over Evernote, which does everything Keep does and more. It would be nice to have reminders and more control over font sizes. Some notes may need to be private too, so a password could help. But overall, it’s a solid offering.

Rated 4 out of 5

Clean and easy to use, the functionality ensures that you will never want to delete it.