Golf Score Card – YourGolf

Golf Score Card – YourGolf

Golf Score Card – YourGolf

A simple stat tracker that proves to be better than par

Golfing is a pastime easily enhanced by smartphone technology. Whether that’s searching for golf courses, checking the weather, or – in the case of YourGolf – tracking your stats.

By working with, YourGolf has details on practically every course in the world. Simply put, this means you can play alongside the correct course details and add your shot total at the end of each hole. It’s easy enough to use, with a pair of sliders for shots and putts taken. This all tallies up into a scorecard, a stats table and even enables you to add other players to track a group session.

Most impressive is the GPS function, which enables you to take a shot, a putt or count a swing as a penalty using the GPS navigation system built in to your phone. This is the best way of using YourGolf; tracking minute details such as average strokes, your GIR and pinpointing each shot and where the ball lands. It’s a fantastic tool and it works well.

Rated 5 out of 5

There are many others like it, but YourGolf manages to simplify everything so well.