Gojee – Food & Drink Recipes Review

Gojee – Food & Drink Recipes Review

Gojee – Food & Drink Recipes Review

A recipe app that serves up a treat

Tablets such as the iPad have replaced traditional cookbooks in many kitchens these days, offering access to thousands of recipes from apps and the internet at the tap of a screen. However, there can often be too much choice, and many of the options available on the App Store can disappoint, offering little in the way of variety or visual inspiration.

Gojee is an app that doesn’t fit into this category. Once installed, you can log in via Facebook, Google or create a new user name and password. You’re then welcomed by a splash screen where you can choose to browse food or drinks. Gojee is all about the wow factor, and the gorgeous fullscreen photographs drive this app. Scroll through page after page of tasty treats, from biscuits and snacks to main meals and desserts. When you find something you like, tap the dish’s name, and a description will appear, including the ingredients required.

At this point you’ll learn that the app is really just a portal through to other sites, a window shop of delights stored in one place for convenience. To access the actual recipe, you’ll need to tap through to an external site. It would’ve been nicer if everything was contained within the app, and with it being set up this way it requires an internet connection to work, but even as a storefront the app is a fantastic resource for recipes.

There is a range of extra features included, such as the ability to share a dish via email or social network, or to star it as one of your favourites. These are all displayed on a single page next to a range of inspirational dishes you may be interested in. On top of that, you can search for foods you like, or ingredients you have to hand. Plus all these features are present in the other half of the app, where recipes for exotic cocktails, hot beverages and milkshakes are close at hand. All of this combines to create one of the most striking and inspirational recipe apps you’re likely to find.

Rated 5 out of 5

A lovely looking app that will have your stomach rumbling in seconds…