Gneo Review

Gneo Review

Gneo is a minimalist to-do manager with some surprises in store

To-do apps are perhaps the most common of all productivity apps available today, but Gneo attempts to take a different view on how you should keep yourself organised by bringing your tasks and calendars together. The ultra-minimalist interface may appear to be too simple for some, but it focuses the eye on the tasks more than any other app we have seen – plus the healthy balance between gestures and taps works very nicely. It feels natural from the first use and if you take the time to understand exactly how it works, you may become more organised than before in short order.

Gneo actually looks like a calendar in some views, which is a positive when it comes to overviewing what you need to get done. The priority view also places your tasks into logical sections, which works particularly well on the iPad. If you are also an Evernote user, the integration here could bring all of your most important information together – with a full set of data from your calendars, tasks and Evernote it could easily replace other apps straight away.

There are some quirks in the way it works that may not suit everyone and the minimalism is very sharp, perhaps taking away the visual enjoyment. Still, for its power and flexibility, Gneo offers users plenty of innovative benefits.

Rated 4 out of 5

A clever and clean way to bring your tasks, calendars and notes together under one smooth interface.