Glide Beta Review

Glide Beta Review

Glide Beta Review

Upgrade Snapchat to video with new Glide Beta

Texting, tweeting and using WhatsApp have all been the natural progression of the tech we use to send messages to others on our phones. With the increase in mobile bandwidth and Wi-Fi coverage, services that offer a little more, such as Snapchat, have also come on the scene. Now we’ve gone one step further with Glide, a video text-messaging service.

Glide is easy to set up, requiring only a download and then simply logging in via Facebook. This is handled nice and quickly without posting anything obtrusive, and then allows you to get chatting with your friends on Glide right away. The downside to this is you require a Facebook account to use it, and so do the people you wish to speak to.

A quick introduction video is available to watch that adequately shows off the basics, and then you can start chatting with friends or as a group. Videos are limited to about a minute-and-a-half long, although this seemed to vary by a few seconds for no apparent reason, and shorter ones are uploaded almost instantaneously to your contact – we’re not sure if it streams some of it while you’re recording or not, but even over dodgy 3G it was pretty quick.

Settings are fairly limited – you can’t change notifications and you can’t stop videos automatically playing sometimes, but for now the core video messaging function works very well.

Rated 3 out of 5

A good start for this video-messaging service, hopefully they open up a new and dynamic way for users to interact with friends.