Gini Review

Gini Review

Manage information and improve your creative ideas with this visual tool

If you are bursting with ideas but you need a way to gauge how strong they actually are, then noting them down and stepping back is usually a good approach. Gini attempts to help you with this, not only allowing you the use of a host of templates that are set to inspire you, but also in allowing for the assessment of those ideas so you can work out the positives and understand where the pitfalls are.

Although there are some case studies to help you to see what has made previous business models successful, the true beauty of Gini is in assessing your own. You can work by yourself or with others, sharing projects as PDFs, email or a Gini project. All you have to do is start a project, work out whether a template would fit that idea (there are loads ranging from bars and clubs to gaming and marketing) and then use the screen’s circles to gauge which parts of your aims are more important, what your objectives are and how crucial each one is to the overall plan. The closer to the inner circle your ideas are, the more important they are deemed to be.

A summary lets you see a list layout of your project, and you can get an overall view of every project you’re working with. The app is worth the initial effort it takes to understand and learn it.

Rated 4 out of 5

A well-presented and ambitious business app that helps you become more efficient.