Play games and hunt treasure with those around you

Every so often, we get stuck at a train station and find ourselves looking for ways to pass the time. GeoSocials is a new way to do that, but at the same time interact with those around us who could be in the same position.

The app uses a combination of GPS social networking and a selection of mini games to allow you to socialise at the same time as taking on challenges set by other players.

This leads to the Treasure Hunt section, where you seek out diamonds on the map, each representing potential points should you complete the set challenge. All of these diamonds are user-generated, and you can place them yourself. The bigger the community gets, the more points you can get hold of. Real life rewards and discounts can also follow.

This adds a nice competitive nature, with leaderboards for local and global scores. It’s from the leaderboards that you can seek out players, view full profiles and add them as friends.

All this takes place within a bright interface, with a central dashboard that is easy to control. The avatar-based theme works well, and perfectly embodies the fun nature of GeoSocials.

Rated 4 out of 5

A fresh take on social networking and gaming, as well as a great time-killer. This should keep you distracted for a long time.