Gems and Jewels

Gems and Jewels

An informative guide to precious rocks… that is actually really good

An interactive guide to the gems and jewels of the world, from amethysts to diamonds and all the amber you can carry in between. Sound like fun? Well, surprising as it may or may not be, it actually is. Gems and Jewels hits a perfect note for what interactive books should be like on the iDevices.

Every precious (and less-precious) stone can be observed individually, zoomed and rotated, and each is presented in a fine level of detail – there’s little to no pixellation on zoomed stones.

Accompanying the visual elements is the text, which goes into a fair bit of detail about the scientific and social background of each and every lump of shiny rock.

The sheer wealth of content on offer is sure to keep you reading and staring for a while, too. Furthermore – if you’re not afraid of a bit of knowledge – you might end up learning a few things about these pricey stones.

For just shy of eight pounds, it isn’t exactly an impulse purchase, and so probably isn’t the kind of app to buy if you have no interest in the subject.

But those who do have a soft spot for the hard (valuable) rocks are in for a treat, and Gems And Jewels is sure to be a showcase app for anybody who picks it up. it works well with the functionality of the iPad, and really is an example of what more developers should be releasing.

Rated 5 out of 5

The price will put some off, but there’s no denying that this is everything it should be and more.