Gemini Rue Review

Gemini Rue Review

Solve the mystery and free the galaxy in this sci-fi detective neo-noir game for iPhone and iPad

The genre cross-pollination of science fiction and noir detective stories has produced many great results, most famously the cult classic movie Blade Runner. New release Gemini Rue seeks to continue this trend on your iPhones and iPads.

Also available on PC as a point-and-click adventure, Gemini Rue’s controls appropriate the same system using the touchscreen, so that you tap on items and characters for a menu of options, such as Look, Touch, Kick and Speak, to interact with them. This genre of gameplay has many fans and has worked successfully on iOS before with the likes of Machinarium and recent release The Silent Age, but feels particularly laboured in Gemini Rue. The lengthy process of having to tap on an elevator to select the menu option to press the button to open the doors, then having to tap again to walk into the elevator, is exhausting to write let alone perform.

Fortunately, the game’s plotline offers a significant enough payoff to make up for the hours of repetitive tapping. Set in a war-torn galaxy, the game switches between the stories of playable characters Azriel the detective, who is searching for his missing brother on an urban alien planet, and Delta Six, a patient in a mysterious space-station hospital who has had his memory wiped. From the premise alone this storyline seems predictable, but a third-act twist makes for an explosive finale.

Rated 4 out of 5

A truly gripping plot and saxophone-laden soundtrack make Gemini Rue an excellent neo-noir, however the torturous controls kill the mood.