Galaxy On Fire 2 HD Review

Galaxy On Fire 2 HD Review

Galaxy On Fire 2 HD Review

A huge, gorgeous-looking galaxy to explore on your device

A huge universe to fit onto your smartphone, this app is full of detail and space to explore. Though the game isn’t completely open world, the amount of space you have to venture into on missions almost feels endless anyway. Add the polished visuals to this and you have a free download that really is too good to ignore.

There is an extensive story campaign to navigate, with missions ranging from intense dog fights to mining asteroids for essential minerals. Success means credits, and credits can be used to upgrade not only the ship you’re flying, but its defences and weapons.

In truth there is very little to dislike about Galaxy On Fire 2, the only nagging issue is the sensitivity of the controls. Problems arise in flight and in minigames, and although this can be adjusted, the size of the on-screen joystick on smartphones does make navigation difficult.

The size of this game though does make up for it – with variety in the missions and the way you can pick and choose from the places like the Space Lounge – this game is a great place to get lost in. Equally, it’s casual enough to put down and come back to when you wish. There are games far below the standard of Galaxy on Fire that cost money. This is completely free, and for that reason, it’s a no brainer.

Rated 5 out of 5

Looks great, plenty of space to explore and mission types to undertake, Galaxy on Fire 2 is bang on target.