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Full Review

Full Review

Set yourself goals and be motivated to achieve them using Full for iOS

Full is a simple app that is used to count the number of times you do something. For example, if you are training for a marathon you might want to keep track of the number of miles you run when training. If not the number of miles, then perhaps the number of training runs you go on. This app is primarily designed to help you track any progress.

It’s not a fitness app though, and running is just one example of its use. It could just as easily track the number of books you read, the number of times you visit the cinema, how many times you phone your best friend, or your mother. Full can count any task that is regularly repeated and where you want to monitor the number of times you perform it.

The app is very simple and you start by adding one or more tasks that you want to count. The app calls them goals – so you enter your Goal Name, such as Jogging, and then the number of times you want to do this activity each month. This becomes your target. The app’s home screen lists all of the goals and counters you’ve set up. Swiping across a goal increments its counter and the colour indicates whether you have achieved the target number; red and orange colours signify incomplete goals, with green for completed goals. An alternative view is available, showing the goals in circles with the outer edge coloured to show the progress towards the target number.

The app monitors the goals on a monthly basis and saves the history, so you can browse back through the calendar and see how you have performed over the last month and beyond. Editing or deleting goals is easy, achieved simply by swiping across them on the home screen.

Full has a pleasant design that looks good and will sit well among the popular trend for flat-design apps. It is very easy to use but could perhaps be improved by having weekly or yearly goals in addition to the monthly ones that currently exist. If you need to count how many times you do something each month then Full is excellent – but it’s quite difficult to think of many uses for it.

Rated 3 out of 5

Full monitors your progress towards goals, but it is a little overpriced for what you get.