Frontback Review

Frontback Review

Frontback Review

Take the ultimate selfie with the Frontback photo app for iPhone and Android

The photography app Frontback by Checkthis, does exactly what you think it would; it takes a photo of what’s in front of the device and then one behind it; ie a picture of the scene in front of you, followed by a shot of the user.

Frontback, which is effective and very easy to use, capitalises on the rise of the selfie; offering users the ability to add a contextual note in the form of an additional photo as to where the user is or what they are doing; which benefits a multitude of occasions from sightseeing or travelling to nights out or in. The app allows users to retake the shot, flip it and change the order in which the shots appear, as well as share it via the usual means of communication.

Set to follow in the footstep of Instagram and Flickr, the app also includes its own news feed which profiles popular and recently uploaded images, those taken nearby to the user and images chosen by the developer as Staff Picks. It’s perhaps this last accolade which has greatly inspired its creative fan base to move beyond the basic brief of the ‘selfie-in-situ’ shot, with a growing number of its users capturing increasingly more dynamic couplings and story-based shots.

Rated 4 out of 5

Frontback is a free, fun and actually rather useful photography app that will push shooters to think more creatively.