Friendly Fire! Review

Friendly Fire! Review

Friendly Fire! Review

Build an army to annihilate enemies in a world war

In this conquest-themed strategy game, your job as a military commander in a world war is to destroy enemy bases while protecting your own from attack. The former is achieved by acquiring the resources necessary to build up raw material production facilities, factories and weaponry. Although this might sound dry, the game has a light-hearted tone, which is typified by heavy reliance on exaggerated military stereotypes and colourful, cartoon-like graphics that blend World War II and Cold War motifs.

The first time you launch the app you get a comprehensive training session that introduces the features of the battlefields. Each of these is viewed from above and shows the enemy’s facilities and surrounding roads. Somewhere along those roads, positions will be highlighted from which you can start your tanks rolling in a general assault or towards specific targets.

Once training is complete, you set up an online profile by choosing a name and deciding which real-world location you want for your base. At this point, you start acquiring metal, oil and tanks and can attack the bases of other online players around the globe. Thankfully, if you choose the right targets, you don’t have to play for hours before you get positive results. Still, you’ll need to use any resources you capture wisely in maintaining your own defences, because sooner or later someone is going to come after you.

Rated 4 out of 5

Humorous and not over complicated, this deserves to capture the attention of casual mobile gamers everywhere.