Frankenstein Review

Frankenstein Review

Frankenstein Review

Rediscover the classic Frankenstein retold in a new interactive way

Frankenstein is two apps in one, consisting of an eBook and an interactive book. The full text of Mary Shelley’s classic work of fiction from 1818, Frankenstein, is included for you to read on your phone or tablet. There are four letters and 24 chapters in total, and it’s one of those books you just have to read.

The original text is included within the Extras menu and the main app is actually a reworking of the original story by Dave Morris, a novelist and game designer. There are six parts and the story is based on Frankenstein, but there is a twist to the tale – it is interactive. The story begins in Paris with a walk through the streets, and Victor Frankenstein takes you back to his laboratory where he is creating the monster in a huge tank. In the second part of the story, you are the monster, having just awoken and experiencing the world for the first time.

The story unfolds by revealing just a screen or even a short paragraph of text, and then presenting the reader with two or more options. For example, do you take the quick route to your destination or the scenic one? Do you creep past someone or wake them up? There can be two, three or even four options and each one reveals different text, so your choices create a unique story. This means that even when you have read the whole novel, you can return to the start and choose different options to read a new variation of the story. It never strays far from the original, and sometimes the outcome is the same no matter which option you choose – but this does not detract from the quality of this offering.

It is an interesting format that puts the reader in control of the story and will likely take many readings to uncover all of the plot twists and turns. The story includes some great artwork drawn from anatomical books of the time, and can be viewed separately in the Extras section. All of this makes for a truly unique work that literary fans – as well as many others – should love.

Rated 4 out of 5

This interactive novel takes the old story of Frankenstein and presents it in a thoroughly modern way.