Frankenstein, for iPad and iPhone

Frankenstein, for iPad and iPhone

Mary Shelley’s classic tale is retold and re-mastered

One of the world’s most well known horror stories has been given a twenty-first century reworking by author Dave Morris and the developers at Profile Books.

Those familiar with Mary Shelley’s original tome will very quickly be able to appreciate the re-working of the text here. The basic mechanics of this eBook sees you play the roll of companion to Dr. Frankenstein, taking part in a running conversation with him as the story unfolds.

The user then affects the direction the text takes by choosing from the many questions or statements that appear at certain intervals. It is at these points that the reader wonders if they are playing the role of Frankenstein’s conscious as opposed to an actual person alongside him. It’s an interesting subplot to an app that already creates a unique reading experience.

Throughout the text you are confronted by anatomical sketches, as well as other dark, Gothic images that, along with the background image of a surgical table make for a great adaptation.

The multiple choice feature can be reset at any time, allowing you a chance to restart and see what path choosing a different response leads you down. It means then that you will be potentially immersed in this story on more than one occasion, and each time get a slightly altered perspective, learning more about the characters each time. This is what makes Frankenstein such a clever, and must-see download.

Rated 5 out of 5

A very different reworking of the classic story that should immerse everyone who reads it.