FPse for Android Review

FPse for Android Review

FPse for Android Review

Who needs Vita when you can get PSone gaming right on your Android device

Emulation is a rather grey area. On the one hand there are those who firmly believe that if you own the original game and original system, playing it on a different machine is absolutely fine. Others will point to the fact that many older games are still being sold on current-day platforms via digital distribution.

Whatever your take on it, FPse is a fine example of a solid, well-programmed game emulator that allows you to load a host of PSone titles to your Android device. You need to load the original BIOS files – a feat that is made easy via the app – and from then on, the idea is that you can find and play lots of games, each of which will be optimised for your smartphone or tablet’s display.

The app works particularly well with a tablet, especially the Nexus 7, which is the perfect size for console-style handheld gaming – not as unwieldy as a Galaxy Tab but larger than a smartphone. As well as being able to use touchpad controls, you can link to PS3 and 360 controllers; the menu system makes configuration to suit your tastes a breeze.

In terms of compatibility, FPse for Android is top notch. The sound quality is high too, and there is force feedback (vibration) for games that handle it. What’s more, buttons on your handset can also be assigned as PSone buttons. It is, in short, an amazing – and crazily inexpensive – gaming app.

Rated 5 out of 5

Intuitive and effective, the quality of PSone titles take on a new lease of life when played via Android.