Fort McMoney Review

Fort McMoney Review

Take part in an engaging social experiment

This curious iPad oddity is a documentary game designed to engage players in a virtual reimagining of Fort McMurray in Alberta, Canada. Consisting of three episodes, each played in real-time over a four-week period, the aim is to help shape the destiny of the world’s largest industrial project and responsibly develop the world’s largest oil-sands reserves.

In the app players must explore the social, economic, political and cultural history of Fort McMurray by traversing the environment and meeting residents, where each week you can vote in referendums and surveys that will affect the city’s virtual future.

Putting aside the app’s gamey feel, it’s an interesting social experiment in which you can gather your own evidence based on what you see and do and then engage in debates with other players to try to win them over to your side about how the project should develop.

It requires a lot of time and isn’t really something you can pick up and dip into and some users may find with somewhat unstable on certain models of iPad (the first-gen iPad mini struggled to run efficiently with the app’s demands). But it’s a unique and engaging experience that plays like a game but with far-reaching social and cultural connotations.

Rated 4 out of 5

Worth exploring, if only to see how games and social issues can be fused to help garner public opinion.


  • Max Bernardi

    I think that this is a great game!11!!!!

  • Max Bernardi

    like tbh i love this game so much