Forge by Adonit Review:  A challenger to Procreate?

Forge by Adonit Review: A challenger to Procreate?

Sketch ideas and compare images side by side

Forge is the debut app by stylus-maker Adonit and it has been made with its own products – notably the Jot Touch – in mind. It lets users sketch their ideas fresh on to a virtual pad while allowing for the importing of images from Dropbox and Photos, and it aims to keep things as simple as possible through each and every step.

Key to the app are layers. You get five in the free version and an unlimited number via an in-app purchase. The result is that you can implement changes without fear of making a mess, freeing up the creative workflow. You can also get on with a task without distraction since Forge gives just six brushes: pencil, paintbrush, market, pen, airbrush and eraser. Colour and gradient can be controlled but this approach concentrates the mind. With Forge, you avoid becoming bogged down with making choices. You simply select an appropriate tool and get on with a task.

For the most part it works very well. Sure, a Jot Touch is needed to make the most of the app (it provides pressure sensitivity, shortcuts and palm rejection) but you can get away without it. If nothing else, the way images are saved makes it a winner: by placing them together on a Project Wall, they can be sorted into stacks and put side by side for comparison. It’s great for seeing an idea evolve.

Rated 4 out of 5

If you have a Jot Touch stylus then it will prove to be a perfect and very effective accompaniment for Forge.