Foresee Review

Foresee Review

Foresee Review

This iPhone app is a mixture of to-do list and weather forecast so you know when you can enjoy your favourite activities

The iPhone comes with a handy weather app, but that hasn’t put off developers from creating alternative versions, now this is a very crowded sector of the app market. A search for ‘weather’ in the app store will result in a list of a couple of hundred apps and many of these are free, so the obvious questions to ask are why would you want to pay for Foresee and what is so different about this weather app?

There are two ways to use weather forecasts and you can use one to see what the weather will be like today, tomorrow, or later this week. You can then decide which activities are best. For example, if it’s going to be sunny tomorrow you could go to the beach, but if it’s going to rain you might go to the cinema. The other way to use a forecast is to decide on the activity and then see when it is best to do it. Foresee takes this approach and if you want a barbecue one day this week, you can see which day is best. If you want to go walking in the countryside, you can see which days rain is forecast for and choose one that will be sunny.

Foresee is an activity-focused weather forecast app and it enables you to add your favourite activities and locations. There are 72 predefined activities and each has its own icon. It is a diverse collection and includes walking, fishing, mowing the lawn, star gazing, picnics, sailing, skiing, camping and gardening and so on. All the activities are outdoor ones for which you obviously need a weather forecast, but the developer has missed a trick and it would actually be useful if the app also included indoor activities like the cinema or swimming. These would be great for rainy days.

After selecting an activity, you choose the best time. This could be fishing in the morning or going for a bicycle ride in the afternoon and so on. There six different weather conditions and any three can be selected. There are temperature, rain, clouds, wind, and UV index. If you are planning on getting a sun tan you would want a high temperature, no clouds and a high UV index. If you like playing golf then the best conditions would be warm with little wind and no rain.

Having set up one or more activities, a single activity is displayed on the screen and swiping horizontally browses through them. Dates and times are displayed in two rows and you can swipe through them. As you do this, face icons are displayed indicating whether it is a good or bad time to engage in that activity. Tap right at the bottom of the screen and the weather forecast for that day and time is displayed along with a comment such as “I like 3pm!”

Like many weather forecast apps, Foresee is capable of forecasting the weather in any city anywhere in the world. Your current location is the default, but it is easy to add other cities and there is a locations screen that stores them. This means that if you are off to the south of France on holiday you can add it as a location and then see the best days and times for sunbathing or the beach, camping, or wind surfing. The locations screen is useful and it shows the time, temperature and an icon indicating the current weather. Another interesting feature is the ability to share forecasts and activities on Facebook and Twitter.

Foresee is a different type of weather forecasting app with a novel approach and a great interface design that fits right in with iOS 7. The question is whether it is better than a traditional weather forecasting app. No, it isn’t – and it makes it harder to see the weather and make plans. Suppose you have added 20 activities and the one you are interested in is the last one. You would need to swipe through 20 screens to get to the right forecast. It is fun to use at first, but the novelty could wear off after a while and you might just want to return to a standard forecast.

Rated 3 out of 5

Foresee repackages the weather forecast and presents it in a unique and entertaining activity-based way.