Show off all you best work with Foliozo

If you’re a professional artist or photographer and own an iPad, then you may start to feel a little strange about taking hard copies of your portfolio to meetings and demos when you already possess an infinitely more adaptable device at your fingertips.

The iPad is fantastic for showing off your work, and Foliozo is just one of the portfolio apps available that allows you to share what you’ve created. Foliozo successfully manages to keep things simple, offering two different options for adding your work to the app – either through syncing with iTunes, or by using the  Dropbox app.

Adding files through your computer works just the same as it does in any other app, but we found Dropbox to be a lot easier of the two to use. We would have liked there to have been a way to add photos or PDFs from elsewhere on your iPad such as iBooks, though, so hopefully this can be added at a later date through an update.

The controls for navigating your work are perfectly adequate, with a few neat touches present in the UI that makes the app feel intuitive and really natural to use. For example, you can get to the main screen of the app no matter where you are by simply swiping to the right across the menu bar, which works brilliantly. With no support for documents, and no way to zoom closely in on your work, though, there are a few reductively limiting factors to what is otherwise a well designed app.

It manages to do all of the basics well, but unfortunately these missing features would have made this a truly brilliant portfolio app. If these are addressed, then the next update could potentially be something to look forward to.

Rated 4 out of 5

A well designed app that sadly lacks a few important features for it to be great.