Foldify Review

Foldify Review

Original, tactile and brilliant. Few apps offer as much as Foldify on the iPad

Having a brilliant idea is one thing, but turning that idea into an app that can work beautifully on an iPad and also create real-world objects is another. Foldify however, manages to not only be brilliant in theory, but also in practice.

You can select from a variety of included images and add your own to make them personal to you. Writing on the objects is easy, and so is painting them in different colours, but you can also add special objects to create fun and original creations that you can then print wirelessly or send via email to be printed from a desktop. It sounds good so far, but the real beauty comes from what you are printing – which are foldable objects that can easily be turned in to 3D shapes for playing with, or simply to add a touch of personality to your otherwise boring work space. You don’t need a degree in origami to fold the objects accurately and the end results are almost always fun and unique in every way.

You can use the ideas of other Foldify users, of which there seems to be thousands, and so the potential is almost unlimited. Foldify works on every single level and will be fun for adults and children alike, but it is the ability to easily create objects that are tangible that makes it stand out.

Rated 5 out of 5

A unique and compelling app that transcends what software can do.