Turn your iPad into your own personal pool

Fluid does nothing more than turn your iPad into a pool of rippling water. It sounds pointless and in a way it is, but there’s something compelling about Fabien Sanglard’s app and we’d be lying if we didn’t admit to wasting a good hour of our time messing around with Fluid when we first discovered it.

The concept to Fluid is simplicity in itself. There is no game, no real point to it; you simply drag your fingers across the water’s surface in order to manipulate it. And yet despite this Fluid is actually a hell of a lot of fun and surprisingly absorbing, simply because the physics for it are so damned good.

It’s utterly mesmerising to watch the swirling patterns as you drag your fingers through the water, and even though there’s not really a lot to it, you’ll still discover it to be an entertaining time-waster.

A slider adjusts the speed of the water, there’s the option to turn the soothing background music off and it’s even possible to import your own images to use as your pool’s base (which is more than a little disconcerting if you’ve chosen a photo of a loved one).

Yes it’s little more than a tech demo, but Fluid remains an impressive one. An upgrade exists for 59 pence that gives more options, but the base package is more than adequate.

Rated 3 out of 5

A clever tech demo that shows off the capabilities of Apple’s machine and will have you exploring its virtual pool for longer than you’d think.