Flow Powered By Amazon

Flow Powered By Amazon

Flow Powered By Amazon

Use your iPhone’s camera to find bargains, augmented reality-style

Augmented reality might still be in its infancy, but it could well come of age soon. Just as eBay changed the way people shop for bargains with RedLaser, Amazon have attempted to do the same with Flow. Simply point your iPhone at a DVD, CD or just about anything else you can buy online, and Flow will do the rest. Once it works out what you’re looking at, it’ll search Amazon for the best prices, and within a few seconds you’ll know how much you can expect to pay, along with an option to buy.

It may not revolutionise the way we shop, but it certainly works well. There’s a few caveats, though. It’s only available in the US, and there’s plenty of products that have yet to be added to the system, but we can only imagine these issues will iron themselves out.

Flow can still scan barcodes to recognise items, but its real party trick is to pick up what things look like. It’s certainly impressive, and although slightly limited, works incredibly well.

Rated 4 out of 5

Flow is perhaps one of the most useful augmented reality apps we’ve seen, and definitely makes shopping a lot easier.


  • TITLE=Create-O-Mat;Gagarin has made a mobile/pad application to help creative thinkers become more creative!

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