Flip – Remix Your Pics Review

Flip – Remix Your Pics Review

Flip – Remix Your Pics Review

See your images on the flip side with your iPhone

Sometimes just dropping a filter onto a holiday snap on your Camera Roll isn’t enough; you want something a little bit different to make your photos more memorable. Flip is aiming to do just that with its unique slicing and rearranging feature that flips your image horizontally and vertically, creating an interesting grid effect on your photos. All the flipping is done via swipes across the screen, and each one mixes up the layout of your image even more, without completely deconstructing it. The end result is a fusion of the familiar and slightly surreal.

For the modest download fee, this is a really unique way to edit your images, and for that reason alone is worth both your time and money. The only real issue the app has relates to functionality, where trying to swipe through the images on the Camera Roll can see you perform an extra flip or two on the current image in focus. It’s a minor point, but one that is big enough to be noticed after a while.

Beyond that, there is little not to like about Flip, though some may question the need for yet another photo-editing app. Still, at least this one is doing something a bit different and not falling back on the tired formula of filters. Should you want to add a filter, Flip even supports exporting to Instagram, so everyone is happy.

Rated 4 out of 5

It doesn’t set the photo-editing world on fire, but mix it with the right image and you’ll get some great results you’ll want to show off.